Adult Education Products

Transformation Consultancy offers a variety of professional development products to strengthen training institutions. These adult education professional development products are well suited to the Australian adult vocational education sector and our international clients. Some of our products are defined below.

Training Institution Reviews

Independent training institution reviews can provide a positive catalyst for change within adult education training institutions.  Transformation Consultancy can collect and collate information on behalf of an organisation in a transparent and objective manner via an institute-wide review. The complexity of the review is at the discretion of the client. Recommendations can assist to enhance teaching and learning outcomes and academic management practices. 

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Independent Teaching Observations

It is acknowledged via academic research that traditional professional development workshops do not result in significant workplace behavioral improvements. By introducing independent classroom observations by an external stakeholder an institution can fast track the development of their faculty by offering meaningful professional development.

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Peer to Peer Program

With collectively almost thirty years of adult vocational education experience Transformation Consultancy is well positioned to 

tailor a peer to peer professional program to meet the needs of your faculty. Peer to peer programmes are used in many adult education institutions throughout the world. Why?

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Professional Community of Practice

A professional community of practice enables a lecturer/Instructor to provide students with a stimulating educational environment that promotes the discovery of new skills and knowledge based upon industry determined standards. This adult education professional development approach respects the knowledge of the faculty while supporting changes that produce high-performance learning outcomes.

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