Transformation Consultancy has delivered food security professional support to varied clients for two decade. As part of this support we have developed training resources for various circumstances. We are now proud to offer a series of technical manuals developed from the successful lessons learned from this industry experience.

Organic Food Security Soil Management

The principles within this 59 page technical manual supports the production of organic food security by developing an understanding of the balance between organic soil fertility and the broader ecosystem. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Soil classification (soil orders)
  • Soil testing techniques
  • The importance of soil analysis
  • Soil characteristics and plant growth
  • How to identify allowable organic inputs
  • Nutrient cycles
  • Cultural practices to enhance soil fertility

This technical manual will offer support to the practitioner to guide the development of organic soil management in various contexts while appreciating the commercial need for economic viability.

Electronic PDF Price: $30.00, +GST (AUD currency).

Commercial Nursery Production

The focus of this 49 page technical manual is upon nursery management techniques to ensure your commercial nursery production is successful. Some of the issues clarified include propagation sequencing, plant cultural needs, propagation planning and business. These issues support sustainable enterprise growth. Underpinning propagation knowledge is assumed.

Electronic PDF Price: $30.00, +GST (AUD currency).