Transformation Consultancy has a global market presence in professional development. We understand that your workplace schedule is of premium importance. On this basis we offer flexibility within our professional development services. 

Our online training courses develop cultural workplace change by providing ongoing professional development built upon three decades of real-world success! Our training provides solutions to your challenges because we have first hand experience. Consider this:

  • New to vocational instructing - we have a course for you!
  • Are you an experienced Instructor seeking to develop a high-performance learning culture - we have a course for you!
  • Are you an educational leader or academic manager confronted with multiple challenges - we have courses for you!

Our professional development online school includes the following courses:
  1. Education Improvement Plans
  2. Equipping Educational Leaders
  3. Developing Your Teaching Team
  4. High-Performance Instructing
  5. Becoming a Vocational Instructor
  6. Facilitating a Peer to Peer Program

Many of our courses are fully supported by online video conference coaching sessions. 

If required a participant can request additional video conference support for any of our courses (price to be negotiated based upon the needs).

Visit our online adult education professional development school - click on the icon below: